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Advanced/Ignite Course

Second of the Two-Part Series

This course aims to teach the necessary skills to develop ventures beyond the idea/prototype stage.

About the course

The program is designed & structured as a 12-week rigorous program at the end of which the outcome is to progress from a Potential Real Venture (PRV) to a Validated Real Venture (VRV) with funding potential. While the post graduate students are offered the Advanced Course within their respective campuses, the working professionals are offered this course as part of Startup Labs which are managed by Startup Lab Managers.

A group of students

Course Goals​

Acquire additional knowledge and skills for developing early customer traction into a repeatable business.

Learn the tools and methods for achieving sustainable growth, such as by refining their product or service and business models, building brand strategy, making a sales and financial plan, etc.

Mode of Delivery

Direct to Classroom

Wadhwani Foundation faculty remotely conducts the program live from our premises for your students in your classroom.

Direct to Faculty

Wadhwani Foundation trains your faculty through an FDP program. The faculty joins the community of global entrepreneurship educators; receives ongoing program support and expert interventions for their continued development in the field of entrepreneurship education.