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Wadhwani VFT: Program benefits

Incubator/Accelerator Benefits

We will help build your incubator/accelerator capacity to implement a world-class startup enabler program.

The program offers power-packed solutions for capacity building, institutional processes, and leveraging technology to improve startup outcomes.

  • Startup Growth:
    • Deploy Startup Growth Digital Platform (Digital Startup Mentoring) for startups
    • Assist startups with ‘Business Discovery and Transformation’ Tools
    • Access a rich repository of startup tools, case studies, and videos
    • Use dashboards to guide and monitor the progress of startups
    • Connects to a global community of startup mentors, curated experts and investors
  • Institution Building:
    • Setting up a process-driven approach for building robust incubator/accelerators
    • Setting up a startup selection and sourcing process
    • Improving ecosystem connections & stakeholder engagements
    • Detailing the tenets of financial viability
  • Facilitation
    • Coaching skills on how to mentor startup founders
    • Modules on facilitation and team leadership

Startup Benefits

We maximize the startup business success with on-demand, personalized knowledge, skills, tools and expert connects at no cost/equity.

We will enable your startup to become scalable and investable through:

  • Our diagnostic ‘startup maturity’ assessment tools and transformation programs that identify your strengths & areas of improvement
  • Ecosystem Connects: Personalised support from our curated network of Mentors, Investors, Service Providers and Customers
  • Our AI-enabled Wadhwani Technology Platform for on-demand customized access to knowledge resources and mentor/expert/customer connects
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) solution tool-kits offering learning support and practical guidance:
    • Pivoting & re-strategizing expansion plans
    • Lean operations & systems for revenue growth
    • Identifying new customers and markets, conducting customer conversations
    • Identifying changing needs of customers & the customer experience journey
    • Branding
    • 8-steps to digital marketing
    • Increasing sales effectiveness
    • Effective pricing strategies
    • Performance Management
    • Motivating and retaining talent
    • Extending runway and conserving cash
  • Life-long post-program support

Here is what we mean by a Validated Idea:

  • You have identified a ‘customer type’ that you are dealing with.
  • You have identified a problem that is critical for the that customer type
  • You have validated this problem with a ‘sizable’ set of customers so you know that it is a ‘real problem’
  • Your research and customer discussions shows that There is a large enough number of customers that are looking for a solution to this particular problem, and the venture can be financially viable and feasible
  • There are no apparent existing solutions or good enough solutions that are serving your customer type at this time for the problem
  • May have started working on a website/facebook/Instagram page to get customer reactions
  • May have worked on a prototype solution already
  • May have early traction with some customers