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WE Champs

An awards and mentoring program in Silicon Valley

About WE Champs

WE Champs provides an opportunity to aspiring startups and entrepreneurs enrolled in the NEN Ignite, WE Liftoff and VFT programs to win all-expense-paid mentoring and networking trips to Silicon Valley.

Apart from energizing aspiring startups and entrepreneurs, WE Champs aims to provide them with a dream exposure to the famed entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Silicon Valley:

  • Networking with entrepreneurs
  • Getting mentored by the very best
  • Pitching to investors


Here is what we mean by a Validated Idea:

  • You have identified a ‘customer type’ that you are dealing with.
  • You have identified a problem that is critical for the that customer type
  • You have validated this problem with a ‘sizable’ set of customers so you know that it is a ‘real problem’
  • Your research and customer discussions shows that There is a large enough number of customers that are looking for a solution to this particular problem, and the venture can be financially viable and feasible
  • There are no apparent existing solutions or good enough solutions that are serving your customer type at this time for the problem
  • May have started working on a website/facebook/Instagram page to get customer reactions
  • May have worked on a prototype solution already
  • May have early traction with some customers