Ignite Registration Form


This is LEVEL 1 selection for fitment with the program. If you are selected at LEVEL 1, you will receive an invitation to the Orientation session followed by Milestone 1 submission.

This program requires you to attend on an average online sessions of at least 3 hrs/week + do additional guided work on your business for at least 10 hrs/week. The program will be delivered over the period of 14 weeks in total.

If selected, you will receive a full scholarship to take part in this program. There will be no cost to you, apart from your internet access.

As part of the Selection process the Video Statement of Purpose (Section 6 of the form) is mandatory and any incomplete application without the link will be disqualified.

The Team Leader is expected to fill up the form on behalf of the Team.

This is a practical and theoretical entrepreneurship skills development program with the focus on developing your venture and mindset. There are only 2 reasons for you to take this program:

  1. To build a sustainable venture with a strong business model.
  2. To develop a well thought through pitch deck that illustrates the what, why and how of your venture to an external audience.

No funding is offered or available through this program. Entrepreneurs who complete the program successfully will have the opportunity to be adjudicated by the global www.younoodle.com platform as a viable venture, and get certified with the possibility of being awarded Amazon Web Services credits.