VFT Growth

Creating High Potential Startups

  • 8-week program to maximize startup success
  • To help startups to build scalable, investable ventures
  • On-demand knowledge, skills, and connects through our technology platform
  • Creation of a robust venture that attracts investments
A group of students

VFT Approach for Enabling Startup Success

360-degree support from VFT Platform
Incubator Success

Building capacity of incubator teams to produce successful startups

Business Discovery

Diagnostic Tools for startup maturity assessment. Insights to identify strengths & areas of improvement

Prioritize & Plan

Select areas for startup transformation based on market needs and internal goals


Implement startup transformation plan. Track, adjust and learn

Business Discovery and Transformation Tools

The Wadhwani Advantage Business Discovery and Transformation tools for startups entails the proprietary Wadhwani Index and Scoring system equipped with automated intelligence and logic that sets specific and measurable goals for performance improvement and making data-based sound business decisions. The tool has tens of in-built scenarios for each of the indicators for recommending the appropriate transformation projects for SMEs to accelerate their growth and become industry leaders.

Solution Kit

  • Identifying New Customers and Markets, Conducting Customer
  • Identifying Changing Needs of Customers & Customer
    Experience Journey
  • Customer Acquisition & Revenue Growth
  • Pivoting & Re-Strategizing Expansion Plans
  • Increasing Sales Effectiveness, Effective Pricing Strategies &
    Performance Management
  • Performance Management & Motivating and Retaining Talent
  • Branding, 8 Steps to Digital Marketing
  • Making Operations Lean, Systems for Growth
  • Extending Runway and Conserving Cash
  • Systems for Growth