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Venture Fastrack

About VFT

Wadhwani Venture Fastrack (VFT) empowers entrepreneurs and incubators to build successful and scalable startups:
  • Incubators/Accelerators: Empowering Incubators and Accelerators with VFT methodologies and Platform to prodcue high performing startups.
  • Startups: Providing a virtuous cycle of business discovery, learning and transformation leading to viable, successful ventures.


Wadhwani VFT builds the incubator/accelerator capacity to deliver consistent and better startup outcomes.

  • Superior Outcomes: Launch and grow successful startups that are able to raise funding & create jobs.
  • Global Connects: Gain access to a global community of mentors, experts and investors.
  • Support: Provide individualized support to your startups.
  • Digital Mentoring: Life-long access to VFT’s startup digital mentoring platform.
  • Knowledge Repository: Access to exhaustive case studies and videos.

VFT Approach

E vision
Incubator Success

Building capacity of incubator teams to produce successful startups

Long Vision
Business Discovery

Diagnostic Tools for startup maturity assessment; Insights to identify strengths & areas of improvement

Prioritizing Transformation

Startup transformation based on market needs and internal goals

Focused Execution

Learn, adjust, and track the transformation plan

VFT Offerings


A world-class program delivering consistent and better startup outcomes.


Maximizing success
rates of startups.


VFT Mentors Speak

We have worked across the globe to build, grow, and invest in exceptional ideas.
“Given the magnitude of resources, networks and wisdom that the Wadhwani VFT brings to the table, there is a lot that can be accomplished in creating and scaling startups”
Ravi Narayan
CEO, T-Hub
“Wadhwani VFT provides growth companies with mentoring and network support in hiring senior talent, acquiring customers, going international, raising private equity or going public.”
Samir Kumar
MD & General Partner, Inventus India
“The AI-led technology platform of the Wadhwani VFT program facilitates collaboration with peers and investors. Also, the quality of mentors that VFT has on-board is a huge asset.”
Ish Anand
Investor, Founder CEO, Mentor