“The Wadhwani Ignite program taught us how to build our venture brick by brick, and to present sophisticated topics in a short & simple manner.”

Shailesh Kumar Sahu

Student Venture: DAWN, IIT Kharagpur
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Transform ideas into Real Ventures

About Wadhwani Ignite

Wadhwani Ignite empowers and activates thousands of professionals, post-college, college and pre-college students by teaching them the why, when and how to do a startup through case-study based experiential education.

This 14-weeks, 35 hours’ program is focused on 12 critical success elements that are essential to create high-potential startups wherein students in groups of 3 form a Practice Venture, build a Minimum Viable Product and conduct market tests.

Wadhwani Ignite

Who is eligible?

Those in later years if graduate program

Those in later years of the graduate program and post-graduate

Those with a vlidated idea

With a validated idea and planning to launch a venture with an investable pitch deck

Wadhwani Ignite

Program Approach

Understanding Concepts

Understanding Concepts

High-level overview of entrepreneurship-led frameworks

Case Examples

Case Example

Review of a familiar local startup’s experience and outcomes

Framework Implementation

Framework Implementation

On the participant’s own idea or real startups

Peer Discussion

Peer Discussion

On concepts and their application through online/offline communities

Voluntarty Presentation

Voluntary Presentation

On framework application, for peer feedback

Resource Awareness

Resource Awareness

Deep masterclasses or resources to students, if needed



A teaser on the next session to encourage participation

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Wadhwani Ignite

Course Structure

  • A 14 weeks’ journey with 3 sessions per week conducted by the partner institution or Wadhwani faculty
    • Session 1: Case discussion facilitated by faculty
    • Session 2: Masterclass (live or recorded) followed by class discussion facilitated by an experienced entrepreneur
    • Session 3: Open Office with faculty, mentors, and peers for students to review the application of the frameworks and learning to their practice ventures
  • Students elect to submit their ventures for Jury Certification
Wadhwani Ignite

Course Content

What is Entrepreneurship?
  • Connecting with peers
    • Introductions of cohort members to the startup community
  • What is entrepreneurship?
    • Overview of entrepreneurship from entrepreneurs
    • Overview of the journey of entrepreneurs & their efforts to build a great venture
  • Is entrepreneurship for you?
    • Determining the application of lessons: As an entrepreneur or intrapreneur
  • Discovering opportunities
    • Assessing the opportunities for new successful businesses
How to build a Startup?
  • Understanding markets
    • Developing a view on the market landscape and target customers
  • Developing strong business models
    • Designing business models and moats for sustained profits
  • Outlining a roadmap
    • A plan to get to initial release and customers
  • Securing funding for growth
    • Navigating venture funding rounds from idea stage to IPO
  • Building a product that customers love
    • A product/market fit to realize the identified opportunity.
  • Differentiating against competitors
    • To win the market share
  • Building a startup team
    • Understanding what makes a great startup team
  • Getting products to market
    • Placing product in the hands of customers efficiently and at scale
  • Ensuring customer delight and loyalty
    • Holding on to your customers and building relationships
  • Managing a growing business
    • Successfully managing a business from startup to growth stages
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Interested Institutes, Apply Now

If you have a validated idea, then you can apply to the NEN IGNITE program

Are you looking to fine-tune strategy, organization & performance to get seed capital? You can apply to the WE Liftoff program

If you have a well-developed MVP, a small team and demonstrated customer traction, then check-out your full eligibility for the WE VFT program here

rocket ship

If you have a validated idea, then you can apply to the NEN IGNITE program


Are you looking to fine-tune strategy, organization & performance to get seed capital? You can apply to the WE Liftoff program.

Here is what we mean by a Validated Idea:

  • You have identified a ‘customer type’ that you are dealing with.
  • You have identified a problem that is critical for the that customer type
  • You have validated this problem with a ‘sizable’ set of customers so you know that it is a ‘real problem’
  • Your research and customer discussions shows that There is a large enough number of customers that are looking for a solution to this particular problem, and the venture can be financially viable and feasible
  • There are no apparent existing solutions or good enough solutions that are serving your customer type at this time for the problem
  • May have started working on a website/facebook/Instagram page to get customer reactions
  • May have worked on a prototype solution already
  • May have early traction with some customers